What Inspired Me To Finally Write My Book

I have always loved writing, and I have always written poetry. There was a time in my life when I wrote poetry every single day. But then life happened. I graduated college and started working full-time, then I got married, then I had my son… and there was no time for writing anymore. I wanted to spend every free second I had playing with my son, not hiding in a dark room typing away on a computer.

Then I had my beautiful, innocent daughter, and I wanted to write something to show her how important and special she is and always will be. My son is important and special too, of course, but for some reason, as soon as I created a little girl, I felt the responsibility of teaching her and every other young girl in the world the lessons I have learned. I have never been a feminist, and if you ask anyone that knows me, I may have even come off as the opposite of a feminist for a long time. My daughter changed that.

I had to write this book, and it was going to be hard. It was going to be hard, not just because writing a book is hard and time consuming, but because I was going to write about things that aren’t easy to write about or read about. I was going to put everything out there, put myself out there, and some people weren’t going to understand it or like it or appreciate it for what it is meant to be. I want my daughter to read this book, years from now, when she is 18, and understand her worth, understand a woman’s worth and strength and right to be whatever she wants without fear of anything. It is hard to explain, so I hope you all read it for yourself.

So, if you are a woman, if you are a mother, if you are a daughter or a sister, if you care about a woman or love a woman, please take the time to read this book. Take the time to read it thoroughly, all the way through, connect with the stories, and think about the women in your life. Think about the things they, and we, and you have gone through. We are all in this together, and we need to support each other, because life is hard. And I think it’s a little bit harder to be a woman.

The first batch of books is being shipped out this Friday… so get your orders in! Thanks again!

Laura ❤

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